About Giclee

Golf Art Giclee produces Fine Art Giclee's that include a high resolution "Digital Facsimile Autograph" of the original artist. Based on the process (The Fine Art "Giclee" printing process), we consider this acceptable to be considered "Fine Art" and or inclusive of being a "Limited Edition". As some, dependent on the specific artist who might be deceased, the Facsimile Autograph we consider acceptable. But, we always keep a specific log as to Artist, Image, Size, Customer, and Date, and/or our "Certificate of Authenticity" will be provided to customer, possibly conveyed separate, possibly (if framed) with the finished product, or via mail to customer.

The French word "Giclee" (pronounced zhee-clay) translates in English to "spraying of ink". Giclee prints are high-resolution digital reproductions of original artwork using sophisticated printers that spray tiny droplets of ink onto media such as watercolor papers and canvases.

In relation to Golf Art Giclee's line of product we are using almost exclusively the canvas substrate medium for our golf images. The Giclee process provides better color accuracy than any other means of reproduction.

Done properly, Giclee prints are hard to distinguish from original artwork. Highly collectable, Giclee prints are an established medium in the fine arts community and are well accepted in museums and galleries around the world.