The French word “Giclee” (pronounced zhee-clay) translates in English to “spraying of ink”. Giclee prints are high resolution digital reproductions of original artworks using sophisticated printers that spray tiny droplets of ink onto media such as high quality art papers, canvases and other substrates. The “Giclee” process provides better color accuracy than any other means of reproduction. Done properly, Giclee’s are difficult to distinguish from the original.

Limited edition prints are not mass produced. Each one is created individually to satisfy your specific order ensuring the highest quality. Every phase of the process, from color consistency, clarity and saturation, to inspection signing and numbering your Giclee print is the next best thing to owning the original. Highly collectable, Giclee prints are an established art medium in the fine arts community and are well accepted in museums and galleries around the world.

Like all fine arts, both originals and giclee’s, appreciation is subject to market value fluctuations depending on the life changes of the artist, his/her current work(s), past market values, current market for portfolio, paintings and any “buzz” about a future project or gallery showing. Certainly auction records for a particular artist come into play as well, but generally speaking most good artist’s works do appreciate in value over time, both originals and limited edition signed and numbered reproductions.

Collectors, or even the average art buyer can purchase a Giclee print, framed or unframed at a fraction of the cost of an original painting, yet it is nearly impossible to distinguish between the two. Also, based the “Print on Demand” process a Giclee print can be hand “Embellished” by some artist’s making it a one-of-a-kind fine art addition to anyone’s private collection.

Golf Art Giclee has partnered up with companies in both the fine art printing and framing industries with experience in excess of 100 years. All individuals involved are committed to printing, framing and shipping the finest possible Giclee product in the market to our customers. If the product does not pass our rigid criteria of inspections, it doesn’t get shipped.

Basically as the policy statement is stated. If the customer is not satisfied with the Golf Art Giclee product after receiving in 7 days it can be returned to GolfARTGiclee for refund. Customer does pay for cost of return freight to GAG, and product does need to be in good, original condition prior to return and subject to inspection and sign-off pending final refund being authorized and processed. GAG please asks shoppers to please shop and buy seriously through GolfARTGiclee as our company cannot afford any frivolous purchases with our fair return policy.

Golf Art Giclee does offer framing as an option for some of the artists on it's website. The framing company, one of the oldest and most experienced in the Dallas area will expertly stretch the Gicl'ee canvas, frame to your choice of moulding, securely pack and ship your finished product to your home address. As we have elected NOT to be in the frame & glass art business we feel we can provide reasonable freight costs on the framed Giclee prints to you. Our website design offers a shown with frame and view on wall feature for those artists affiliated with our framing program. See Shipping & Delivery for more info.

It is a print made by using a press to transfer an image that was created initially on stone or metal plate to paper. Lithography, printing process, invented in 1798 by Alois Senefelder depends on a chemical interaction grease, nitric acid, gum Arabic, and water. A “Print” is the generic term for an image produced in multiple, and there are many different kinds of prints.

Lithographs differ from etchings, engravings, serigraphs and woodcuts in materials and process. As opposed to many other print processes which depend upon incised or carved lines, lithography is a planographic process that depends upon the mutual repulsion of grease and water.

Although we specialize in Giclee prints, some of our featured artists also offer signed and numbered limited edition fine art golf lithographs, some recounting some of our greatest golf legends & moments. Display the Moment.