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The King of Modern Golf

With the most heart felt sadness I was awakened to the News, that the King of Modern Golf, Mr. Arnold Palmer, of Latrobe, PA had passed during this last night. Arnie Palmer, and his legion of fans, young or old, "Arnies Army" as it is called this will mourn this true Icon of the Game of Golf, possibly the most iconic Golfer in our Century. Likely the most respected, and well liked Professional Golfer, perhaps of all time. I was saddened deeply, as, although I've never met Arnie, never even spoke to him, it was just few weeks ago I received a personal note from him thanking me for an obscure book, "Tommy's Honor", by Kevin Cook I'd sent to Latrobe, PA, along with other items I'd hope he'd like. His last line, in his thrilling thank you note , was "Presuming you are a golfer, I wish you many successful rounds in the months and years ahead". For me, and of course knowing he'd been ill, was so typical Arnie Palmer, taking care of his fan base, and admirers to the last. Arnold Palmer, with so many accomplishments, on, and off the golf course was an Gentleman, Innovator, Mentor, and simply the nicest guy around in the World of Professional Golf. He will be sorely missed by all, Golfers young and old, the young PGA Pro's keeping the game alive, those he'd provided advice to, but all in the world who knew his name. Arnold Palmer, "The King". Deepest sympathy to his family, those that worked within is Companies, and all who loved, and admired the "KING". Arnold Palmer - 1929 - 2016 of Latrobe, PA. I'll miss you Arnie as will millions around the world.

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